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Love Across the Tabletop

November 5, 2024

Will love be a critical success or an untimely end to the campaign? Mika Levenberg is over relationships. After her ex-girlfriend cheats on her, all Mika wants to do is make good food and play the tabletop role-playing game Bargains & Battles with her friends every week. Ash Aguila is new to Washington DC. After escaping an abusive relationship, he’s looking to start over in the Capitol and try to rebuild himself. When his cousin invites him to play a game called Battles & Bargains, Ash reluctantly agrees to try something new. At least he can meet some new people. When he meets Mika, he discovers that passion can spark across the tabletop. Will Mika and Ash take a chance and roll the dice on love?



Magic, Love, and Mischief is a series of paranormal romances stories that feature the same caster of characters. Each has their own story, but you will see familiar faces showing up in each book and of course, Spirit Antiques is a base of operations. These books can be read as standalone, though there are references to previous books.

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November 2022

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June 2023

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February 2024

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Love and lust are not one and the same.

Wesley St. James is tired of loving someone who can never love him back. After spending years waiting for the incubus Apollo to finally settle down with him, Wes can’t take the heartache anymore.

After their breakup, Wes meets a gentle kitchen witch named Cameron. With a little magic—and a lot of food—Wes begins to feel he is worthy of a healthy relationship. But Apollo is not ready to let go of Wes so easily. Incubi love the thrill of the chase and of claiming what they see as theirs.

In the end, can love conquer even the strongest lust?

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Blood is a powerful magic, but love is even more so.

Lily Everett comes from a long line of powerful witches. It’s her duty to continue the Everett line and pass her gifts down to future generations. But Lily has fallen in love with Albert Hsu, a vampire, and her family is less than thrilled about their relationship.

With Lily fighting against her family to defend her love, a new threat arrives in town that threatens everything Lily and Albert have built together. Thirty years after running away from his vampire family, Albert’s maker and his brood of vampires return to claim Albert once again. Can the love of a witch and vampire overcome their blood families, or will they have to sacrifice their happiness to appease old hostilities?

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Brie St. James is in need of a part-time job. She finds it at Spirit Antiques, owned by the handsome and aloof Ezra. But there's more to the shop than meets the eye. Under the layers of patina and dust, a gateway to the magical world and the shop is the crossroads of goods for the magical residents.

In her tenure at Spirit Antiques, Brie finds new friends, a power within herself, and a romance she wasn't expecting. 

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Dry Roses and Diary


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