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Bridget “Brie” St. James wasn’t looking for excitement. She just needed a part-time job while she finished grad school. Hired to be the assistant at an antique shop, she soon realizes there is more to her new place of work than meets the eye. Way more. Spirit Antiques caters not only to humans, but an array of mythical and mystical creatures.

Brie quickly makes friends with the witches, fairies, incubuses, and other unique customers at the seemingly sentient store, but more than anyone, it’s the shop’s handsome and mysterious owner Ezra who has her attention. But as their bright romance blooms, a dark spot from Ezra’s past emerges. An ancient and dangerous warlock has returned to claim his former pupil. Now it’s up to Brie to bring the magical community together to free her new love interest from the confines of a centuries-old blood contract.

With her newfound family, the graduate student has all the magic she needs, but will it be enough? Antique Magic is the first book in the Magic, Love, and Mischief series.

Antique Magic

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Paperback edition signed by author.

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